Sunday Snippets

So a new addition to the website blog…..Sunday Snippets.  As I sip my coffee and surf the ‘net, I’ll be posting snippets of info that I find interesting or unusual.

Today’s Sunday Snippet-

Mary Had A Little Lamb author responsible for making Thanksgiving a National Holiday

The Continental Congress declared the first Thanksgiving in 1777, but the custom fell out of use around 1815. It wasn’t until Sarah Josepha Hale, best known for writing “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” petitioned several presidents to make it a national holiday that it actually became one.

She finally succeeded in 1863 when President Lincoln issued a proclamation. However, Thanksgiving didn’t officially have the set date as the fourth Thursday in November until 1941.

Thanks for the carb loaded, black Friday shopping prep, family and friend filled holiday Ms. Hale!

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